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Babies, too, love some fresh air, and taking them out would be easier with strollers. This way, you are hands-free, and carrying babies for a long time may be hurtful to your back as well. It’s a wonder if you get your hands on strollers that come with a car seat too. Parents can have real big savings in buying such products for their babies instead of buying them separately. These combos work out well for busy moms who don’t have time to carry two of them along each time you prepare to go out as there are so many other things to worry about as well. The car seat can be easily clipped on to the stroller without any hassle. You could allow the kid to enjoy the stroll or nap without any disturbance. There are various options and the size and as well the kind of machine you would prefer would help you to make the right choice for your baby. Check out the best baby strollers with car seat.

Benefits of choosing best

If you want something compact and lack spaces wherein you live, the best model to try would be the three-wheel system. But if you feel sturdiness is your best bet, then the four-wheel system would work out for you. Parents who want to exercise as they stroll their babies would love this combo of a jogger travel system, which can manage any terrain. If you want to go stroll and jog as well with two infants in a row, you get the above in double travel system as well. The choices are plenty either in retail stores or online with a lot of offers and other kinds of features that will benefit parents who seek help through these systems enable us to look after the babies well. Get the best baby strollers with car seat.

Every care is taken to make these stroller cum baby seats as comfortable, safe as well as affordable for parents to reach out and buy them. Now it’s much easier to travel with your little one. All the convenience can be found through this system. You will know your babies are safe too. The materials that have used to manufacture them are sturdy and child safe. The crossover is great for parents who are quite busy and would love to combine their activities with the babies involved too. It helps them to get quality time with the kids and also go with life and compromise on their work or schedule. The all-terrain jogger system is great as you could take the stroller to places where you prefer to jog and not worry whether you could take your baby there too.



The stroller can be folded in a snap with one hand hold system. This mechanism will allow you to open and fold the stroller in a second. The attaching process to the car seat is also just one step, and you could hear the click when its fastened safely. The wheels are sturdy with a locking system that doesn’t fail. You will find that you can see there are awesome attachments that can help you place baby things or your things such as feeding bottles, among other things. There is a canopy for the baby to be protected from the sun when you take it for a stroll. There are also reflectors attached to the strollers when you happen to take the stroll in low lit places. The parents have to check out how much weight the stroller can handle, and going for sturdy ones are a good option to take.

There are some stroller combos with two handles, one for the fold and another for the carrying. When you fold the front wheel is designed to rotate inward and allow you to make the stroller as compact as possible. If you want to install the car seat permanently, there is also an option for that and attach it to your car and not have to do so each time you travel. The car seat for babies has multiposition seating, which allows the baby to have free movement even when strapped. There is a feature of allowing the baby to recline when taking a nap. You can also find an adjustable canopy for protecting the baby from the sun’s rays. All these features are added so that the comfort of the baby and parent is compromised in no way where ever you are.

There are other stroller and car seat combos your way with advanced features as well that you can check out online. The best part of buying the latest systems allows you to use them more as the stroller and car seat grows with your kid too. The baby car seat has now four-position recline which is a must-have for ultimate comfort. There is a full canopy that your kid will love. The stroller baby car seat combo is certified after going through numerous tests for the safety and comfort of the child at all times. Since they are durable, they definitely will be a good buy for your baby even when there is a growth spurt. Make the right choice and get the best baby strollers with car seat.

Various other strollers have a great framework such as steel so that they are sturdy and you wouldn’t have to worry when you are using them. They are made in such a way that any terrain will not be bumpy for the baby. There is a basket too for keeping the baby things. The safety has been given prominence and one of the features to demonstrate it was the five-point harness system which has a footrest too — the add on reflectors for better visibility. There is great padding to support the baby’s neck when you take it for a stroll. There is a child tray along with the basket. The sun canopy has a peek a boo window for you to check in on your baby. There is an impact protection system so that the baby’s safe even there is a collision. It happens through the energy-absorbing shell.


Brussels Sprout Salad & Reminder to turn back your clocks

A friendly reminder that daylight savings time is Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 AM. Time to fall back an hour!

Also just in time for fall, here is a hearty yet healthy salad to enjoy as the days grow darker and it seems harder to eat healthy, especially with all the leftover Halloween candy! This salad is crisp, sweet and salty.


Brussels Sprout Salad with Sweet Potato, Cranberries and Pistachios


2 9oz Shaved or Shredded Brussels Sprouts

1/2 cup Dried Cranberries

1/2 cup Pistachios- deshelled

2 Sweet Potatoes- cooked and cut into bite size pieces (We are always about saving time, so I microwaved the sweet potatoes for 8 minutes or until cooked all the way. Let it cool and then cut into pieces.)

1/3 cup crushed Wasabi Peas (Measure, put in a plastic bag and then use a mallet.)

For Dressing:

1/3 cup lemon juice

1 ½ tsp Dijon mustard

½ tsp honey (or a little more if you prefer sweeter)

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


1.)  Combine all ingredients except for the wasabi peas.

2.)  Pour dressing and toss. Sprinkle wasabi peas on top.


Easy & Healthy 3 Step Turkey Chili

This recipe is a family fall favorite. Our Turkey Chili Recipe calls for clean ingredients- turkey, beans and veggies. A bonus is you only need one pot for cooking, which makes cleaning up easy too!

Feel free to swap in your family’s favorite veggies and beans. This recipe is also a great leftover when all you feel like cooking is warming something up.

3 Step Turkey Chili Recipe


1 lb of lean turkey

1 tbsp of EVOO (a Jolly Oak favorite)

1 cup of chopped mushrooms

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 yellow pepper chopped

1 orange pepper chopped

1 can of beans (I used black beans) but use your favorite

2 8 oz cans of diced tomatoes

2 tbsp of tomato paste

1 package of low sodium chili seasoning

*Optional: oyster crackers, finely diced onion and shredded cheddar cheese for topping.


1.)  In a large pot, add EVOO and brown the turkey.

2.)  Add remaining ingredients, stir and cover.

3.)  Simmer on low for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Apple Muffins

Our apples from apple picking are finally gone! Here is one last apple recipe that was the kids favorite.
For a healthy twist, we substituted applesauce for butter, took out some sugar (your kids won’t notice) and added olive oil. My kids insisted we add chocolate chips, and they were right, the perfect Fall muffin! These muffins taste decadent straight from the oven or served warm. Perfect for this cool Chicago October day! And since it is October 1st, don’t forget to say and have your family say “Rabbit Rabbit” for good luck this month!
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Chocolate Chip Apple Muffin Recipe: (yields about 8-10 muffins):
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar and then 2 tbsp for topping
2 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup applesauce
1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 cup nonfat milk
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 apple- diced into little pieces (I used honey crisp)
2 tbsp cinnamon
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Combine all ingredients until smooth except the apple, cinnamon and sugar topping.
Pour each muffin cup half way with batter, layer with apple pieces, then cover with batter to top of muffin cup.
Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top of each muffin and then swirl with a fork.
Bake about 30-35 minutes.

Cinnamon Apple Bread

Have you gone apple picking yet? We went over the weekend, and I promised my kids we would experiment with lots of apple recipes over the next few weeks.

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The kids first suggested we bake Apple Bread. This recipe turned out amazing! The bread complimented my coffee this morning, my husband devoured a piece straight from the oven, and both of my kids ate breakfast without a fuss.

This recipe is simple to make and uses simple ingredients. My kids can pretty much do everything themselves now (they are growing up too fast!), except I chopped the apple. They cracked the eggs, mixed the batter, layered the apples and sprinkled on the cinnamon sugar. Happy Fall everyone!

Cinnamon Apple Bread


1 large apple- diced (If you feel ambitious, you can peel off the skin.)

8 tbsp butter/1 stick

2/3 cup white sugar

2 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1 ¼ cup white flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ cup nonfat milk

½ cup brown sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon


1.)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.)  Spray loaf pan with baking spray.

3.)  In a small bowl, combine brown sugar and cinnamon. Set aside.

4.)  In a mixing bowl, blend butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs. Mix until smooth. Slowly add in flour, baking powder and milk. Mix.

5.)  Pour half the batter into the loaf pan. Evenly layer diced apple into batter and sprinkle on brown sugar and cinnamon mixture until completely covering apple layer. Pour remaining batter over apples.

6.)  For the topping, evenly layer apples over the top of the batter. Sprinkle on cinnamon sugar mixture.

7.)  Bake 50-52 minutes or until bread is baked through.

Vegan Banana Pineapple Bread

No one was happy in my house about losing an hour of sleep today and rushing out the door to my son’s basketball playoffs. To lift everyone’s sprits, we baked!

I had ripe bananas and cut up pineapple and thought that might be a naturally sweet nutritious combo! My daughter and I mashed and stirred. I thought I was going to get away without adding any chocolate, but at the last minute, she insisted on chocolate chips. That was definitely the right call! This is now my FAVORITE banana bread recipe! Simple and healthy ingredients that taste so good!

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Vegan Banana Pineapple Banana Bread


2 ripe bananas- mashed

1/2 cup diced pineapple

½ cup white sugar

1 ¾ cup whole wheat flour

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp vanilla

½ cup applesauce

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

*3/4 cup chocolate chips optional


1.)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.)  Combine all ingredients until smooth.

3.)  Bake for 45-50 minutes.

Simple Hamentaschen Cookies

My kids begged to bake hamentaschen cookies after school today. I have never baked these and was intimidated by the task of making the dough. I looked up a couple of recipes and settled on this one for its simplicity and because I had all of the ingredients. These cookies also double as delicious butter cookies if you want an easy butter cookie recipe.

My kids had fun softening the butter to room temperature by squeezing the sticks of butter until they felt mushy. They only cracked one egg on the floor and turned the mixer to its highest speed exploding flour everywhere! Waiting for the dough to chill completely was the hardest part for them. Despite my apprehension and the mess we made, these turned out AMAZING!



¾ cup unsalted butter, softened to room temperature (3 sticks of butter)

2/3 cup white sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg, room temperature

1tsp grated lemon zest

2 ¼ cup white flour, plus extra flour for making the hamentaschen when it starts to get sticky

¼ tsp salt

1-5 tsp water


1.)  Slice butter into squares and then add to mixer bowl. Add sugar and vanilla. Mix at low speed.

2.)  Add egg and lemon zest and mix.

3.)  Slowly add flour and salt and mix on slow speed. If the dough seems too crumbly, add a little water.

4.)  Make a giant ball of dough, wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator overnight. Or if you have kids helping, you can divide the dough into equal giant piles and wrap separately.

5.)  After completely chilled, remove dough from plastic wrap.

6.)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

7.)  Roll dough to about ¼ inch thick or as thin as you can without ripping it. I found it easiest to roll dough into balls and then flatten into thin circles on a parchment paper lined baking tray.

8.)  Take whatever filling you prefer- Nutella, chocolate chips or jam and place 1 tsp in the middle.

9.)  Fold the edges into triangles and bake 22-27 minutes or until golden brown.

Eat Clean This Spring

With the first day of spring approaching on March 20th, here in Chicago we can’t wait to shed our winter blues (and coats, hats, scarves, and gloves) and eat clean with more sunshine bringing more veggies, fruits and whole grains!

For more vegetables, we are roasting in season veggies like asparagus at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes until tender and a little crispy with a drizzle of EVOO, sea salt and pepper. Don’t forget right when they come of the oven, try adding a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh shredded Parmesan cheese on top. It is easy and yummy to eat clean!


For more whole grains, start off our day or enjoy as a snack with Jolly Oak (OF COURSE)! Try your favorite flavor on Greek Yogurt or with almond milk. Perfect energy before a workout or to power through the rest of your day.

For less sugar, enjoy fresh fruit dressed up with chocolate sauce on the side. Or, try blending fruit like frozen sliced bananas, frozen mango or frozen strawberries with a little almond milk and mini chocolate chips for the best homemade sorbet!

For spring, enjoy Jolly Oak at our lowest price ever at 50% off with code JOSPRING50 at Offer expires March 30, 2015.

Pan Roasted Flat Iron Steak with Help From Madison & Rayne

I prefer meals that are simple and quick to cook. Recently, I was at an event and tried a heavenly chicken quinoa. When the woman serving it said I could easily cook it at home, I was intrigued. With a little help from Madison & Rayne, a new Chicago food delivery service from Josh Jones, who was a chef at Spring Restaurant, you can transform into the fancy chef at home (minus the hard parts)!

My kids helped me choose and cook the Pan Roasted Flat Iron Steak, which also came with a watercress salad with faro, shaved vegetables, and a delicious homemade balsamic dressing. My son declared the steak “fabulous”! Even better, the delicious meal presented beautifully!

I was apprehensive at first when choosing what meal to order because the recipes sounded complex, but the ingredients came easily labeled and fresh. All ingredients are from local farms. Even the watercress had a damp paper towel in the bag to keep it crispy.

Each recipe comes with a card with easy to follow directions. My glamorous meal took all of 15 minutes! No stopping at the grocery store for ingredients, no measuring, and no chopping. Madison & Rayne is a personal shopper and delivery service all rolled into one. Minimal prep and minimal clean-up means my time is better spent enjoying dinner! It really was simple after all!


Save time and break up the monotony of cooking the same meals each week. Enjoy as a family or put those kiddos to bed and take pleasure in a restaurant style meal in the comforts of your own home! Order at

Granola Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Granola is not just for breakfast! It tastes delicious in one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. This recipe is healthier than the typical chocolate chip cookie, but I promise, it tastes just as decadent! And with it being summer, my kids turn these cookies into ice cream cookie sandwiches! This is super fun to make after camp and super fun to eat for dessert! Get messy! Have fun! And eat healthy!


Granola Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Recipe


1 ½ stick unsalted butter- softened

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

½ cup white sugar

3/4 cup light brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1 cup quick oats

2 cups or 4 servings of Jolly Oak Granola in Nut Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

½ tsp sea salt

1/2 cup chocolate chips

Your favorite ice cream flavor

Toppings for sides of cookie: sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, etc.


1.)  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2.)  In a large bowl, mix butter, applesauce, white sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla.  Add eggs, oats, granola, flour, baking soda, and salt.  Mix.

3.)  Add chocolate chips.

4.)  Bake cookies 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Allow cookies time to cool before making them into ice cream sandwiches or the ice cream will melt once it touches the hot cookie.

5.)  Leave desired ice cream flavor out about 15 minutes before planning to make the sandwiches.

6.)  Using a spoon, scoop out ice cream and cover one side of cookie with ½ inch thick of ice cream. Top ice cream with another cookie.

7.)  For extra kid fun and a mess (sorry!), on separate plates, pour out toppings for the sides of the cookies- rainbow sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, and coconut flakes, etc. Have fun making up your own!

8.)  Roll each cookie so that the ice cream is covered.

9.)  If not eating right away, use parchment paper on a baking sheet or in a container so cookie sandwiches don’t stick and place cookies into freezer until ready to eat!