Do Skin Firming Lotions Really Work
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Do Skin Firming Lotions Really Work?

Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes to your skin. Most of them disappear after delivery but leaves the skin loose. After delivery, every woman faces a lot of changes in their body, especially skin loosening. It’s a major cause in women as their stomach stretches big and suddenly shrinks.

Our body is made in such a way that it gets adjusted according to the fluids and blood circulations. After delivery, many moms find stretching stress incontinence. Bladder gets loose and you lose blood, fluids and immediately after birth you lose weight and your uterus shrinks back down to the level of the belly button.

Once your skin is stretched, it has trouble returning to its original shape. Loose skin is extremely frustrated and makes the new mom very emotional. Most of the women always want to make their body fit after delivery, but they must understand it is going to take a lot of time. As they will have weaknesses and added responsibility for their infant.

Does a skin firming lotion work?

Many new moms have this question “Does skin firming lotion’s work”? before you start up by using a lotion or a cream, you need to know that hydration plays a vital role in skin firming. Doctors recommend that women drink 2–3 liters of water to maintain optimal body function, hence your body needs to be well hydrated both inside and outside.

How do you keep your body hydrated outside where these kinds of lotions play a vital role? Your skin firming products must contain certain important ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, and retinoids. It should help you detox your skin and soften and tighten the skin.

The firmness of your skin depends on the larger part of the underlying muscles. Nowadays you can increase skin tone by working it outside. The BEST way is to apply a skin–firming product to these lotions. Apply on the stomach and hips and thighs twice a day. It rejuvenates and tightens the loose skin after pregnancy.

During this process, it’s very frustrating because the results don’t come early but don’t give up you need to maintain your mental health.

Do Skin Firming Lotions Really Work?

“If loose skin is so normal, why does it feel abnormal?”

Every one postpartum journey is unique. Every mother must believe in slow and healthy regains. Even when using a lotion keep in mind that the results are not happening immediately but take some time.

While you buy a firming lotion, make sure you keep certain things in mind.   No matter what amount we invest in the product unless we achieve the results, we cannot enjoy the outcome.

Your skin type and tone – make sure the firming lotion is for your skin type. This is very important because once it causes irritation or allergy, it is very difficult for treating it.

Odor-free  – THE FIRMING LOTION you select must be odor free as your infant will be next to you always. Be very careful while you select lotion, it must not affect your infant.

Side effects – read and test various kinds of brands it ingredient’s so it does not bring any side effects for you and your infant as you will breastfeed your kid.

Make sure it is not sticky – all kinds of sticky cream make you feel uncomfortable, especially below your stomach.

While using this product make sure you come to know what kind of soap you can use as it must not create and chemically mixed reactions and spoil your skin as it will become very tender after delivery.

Tips for your mental health

Here are some tips for your mental health while using skin firming lotion.

Remind yourself to be patient–your body just went through a lot of changes after giving birth.

Practice deep breathing when you feel frustrated, listen to some music.

Play with your baby. Focus on connecting with your newborn.

Nap along with your baby so you don’t exhaust yourself.

Make a reminder for your daily activities: these lotions have to apply twice a day. After applying gently massage it clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Be positive and wait for things to change in its time.

Things to follow while using a firming lotion

Newmomplus helps as parental guidance for every mom especially new moms. What to avoid while reducing post-pregnancy belly skin while using a firming lotion? Hereby given the answers for the question along with the don’t while using a skin firming lotion.

Do not follow crash dieting. If you are a breastfeeding mother, make sure you eat properly so it helps your infant to be healthy.

Avoid tanning beds as it can harm your skin and dry it out while using the firming lotion.

Avoid using soaps that have sulfates while using firming lotions as it can cause some irritation.

Keeping yourself clean, this helps your infant to be healthy. While using the firming lotion make sure, you don’t smell differently.

Make sure you wash your hands after applying the firming lotion.  And before touching your infant to be sure your hands are clean, these types of chemicals can cause reddishness on your infants. Try to choose products that have a roll-on so it is easy to apply.

Do Skin Firming Lotions Really Work


As a new mom elasticity of the skin can be improved by having healthy vegetables as it is also good for your baby. It will get nutrients only from the food you eat for bringing back your normal skin after delivery. For this, you have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables along with foods rich in protein. Because the elasticity of the skin is due to collagen present in it.

A well-balanced diet, recommended exercise by your doctor in case if your delivery is cesarean, and yoga gives you the flexibility of the skin to return normal skin. Some of the best postpartum skin firming lotions give support and nourishes your skin as a vitaliser. But every change happening in your body by using chemicals will directly affect the health of your baby.

So try to take natural remedies to overcome loose skin. Choose a skin firming lotion which contains Vitamin C and collagen for the flexibility to regain old skin. For more details about postpartum guidelines log on to A tool to support every mom. Happy parenting!